System users’ guide

  • System User Access
    Group leaders, committee members and people in some other roles may be made a ‘system user’. This enables them to access, use and change more data held in the system. For example, a group leader can:

    • keep their list of members up to date;
    • email members;
    • edit the calendar to change the dates, topics or venues of particular meetings;
    • keep basic financial records.

    Access is tailored to a person’s role(s). If you feel you need system-user access, email our Beacon administrators. Explain why you want it.

    When you have a username and temporary password, log in at: Select ‘Arnold’ from the drop-down list of U3As and enter your details. Going in for the first time, you will immediately be told to change your password and set up a security question and answer. Test things by logging out and back in again with your new password. Make sure you have a way of remembering it!

  • Help
    Our administrator may offer a one-to-one session to get you started or you can download a Users Guide that has been created for Group Leaders.

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