Our membership year starts in November. The membership fee for 2017/8 is £15.00, made up of £11.50 subscription to Arnold U3A and £3.50 to the Third Age Trust. If you join on or after 1 May the membership fee for the remainder of the year is £9.00 and from 1 August it’s £6.00.

If you are a member of any other U3A, to which you have paid a FULL subscription, you can become an Associate member of Arnold U3A for £11.50.

It would be lovely to see a further influx of new members! You are all very welcome. Even better if you would step forward to help with coordinating activity groups.

Our membership secretary is Marion Smalley. Please contact Marion only about membership. Her phone number is 0115 955 2935 and her email address – slightly disguised to try to avoid spammers – is m{dot}smalley{at}ntlworld{dot}com.

To join Arnold U3A, please download a new membership subscription form here. If you’re already a member and are renewing your subscription, get a renewal form here. Then print, complete and return it to Marion, along with your cheque made payable to ‘Arnold U3A’.

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