Medium walks 2 (public transport)

Our walks take place on a Saturday, usually the third in the month. However, we occasionally walk on a Friday.

Our distance averages 6 or 7 miles and we walk in a fairly purposeful manner. Expect the walk to take 4 hours. We start at about 10am and finish mid-afternoon.

We always bring a picnic for the middle of the walk and do not have pub lunches.

Because we use public transport we can do linear walks. This is reflected in our programme, where there is a mixture of linear and circular walks.

The average attendance at our walks is 15 to 20 people. That sort of number is ideal for buses because we do not want to crowd out the other passengers.

It is U3A policy to sign up for activities, so please sign up at the monthly meeting. If that is not possible, please email or phone. If you are ill or not too sure about the weather forecast, you can just decide not to turn up. You do not need to phone. You are not letting anyone down.

As with other groups, it is absolutely essential that you wear proper walking boots. Your safety depends on it. We do not want anyone slipping and having a bad accident that could ruin the rest of their lives.

Group leader: Stella
Phone: 0115 920 9804

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