Spiritual and psychic awareness

It doesn’t mean that you have to be anything other than what you are at the present. All it means is ‘pertaining to the mind, spirit or soul’. You must admit to having at least one of these because you are a sentient being.

It doesn’t mean that you are a psychic who has a clairvoyant, ‘clairsentient’ or ‘clairaudient’ ability to access. Some people may be a little or a lot more advanced than others. It is a natural gift that most of us possess in degrees.

That is only one aspect of being psychic. There is another that is important and quite often overlooked. Using our psychic abilities is also about being aware of, and developing and sharing, unconditional love. We all have our individual attitudes and abilities in how we do that. Most have no real concept of what unconditional love is. That is because we have become isolated, disconnected and distracted just by being somewhere in the middle. Sourcing it within ourselves has to be relearned, firstly by being made aware that it exists.

You already sometimes practise it, and through your life you will always have made choices whether or not to adopt these attitudes. Doing so fully leads to greater awareness.

These meets will include discussion, meditations and sharing. We will be at the Scout Hut, Mansfield Road, Redhill, NG5 8PF. Next session: Wednesday 5th March, 2-4 pm. Cost will depend on attendance numbers, but it is hoped to be approximately £2 for room and refreshments. Please notify me – Peter Shaw – if you are interested in attending.

Group leader: Peter Shaw
Phone: 0115 926 5614
Email: shaw956@btinternet.com

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