Poetry of John Keats

The group leader is William Ruff who taught English Literature for 37 years, mostly as Head of English at Nottingham High School.

This is a new interest group which will take the place of Milton’s Paradise Lost on Tuesday afternoons from 20 February 2018 onwards.

Keats wrote some of the finest poems in the English language before his death at the age of just 25. Amongst the works we shall be reading are the Odes (Nightingale, Grecian Urn, Autumn, Psyche), Lamia, The Eve of St Agnes, Isabella, La Belle Dame Sans Merci – and a selection of his many sonnets.

Sessions are on Tuesdays, 2.30-4.00pm at Woodthorpe Library. Dates after Easter are: 8 and 22 May, 12 and 26 June, 17 July.

Group leader: William Ruff
Phone: 0115 926 4645
Email: william.u3a@gmail.com

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