Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Chaucer is one of the greatest poets and storytellers in English literature, as well as being one of the principal founders of the language we all speak and write today. The Canterbury Tales is not only a brilliant collection of stories but it also offers astonishingly ‘modern’ insights into human nature. It is also great fun to explore Chaucer’s language and most readers quickly realise that Middle English is much easier to understand than it may seem at first.

The group leader is William Ruff who taught English Literature for 37 years, mostly as Head of English at Nottingham High School.

The Chaucer group has now read more of The Canterbury Tales than the vast majority of students who study English Literature at university. We are currently reading The Knight’s Tale, having previously read The General Prologue, the Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale and Tales told by the Pardoner, Franklin, Reeve, Merchant and Physician.

We shall finish The Knight’s Tale by Easter 2018.

The group meets on Monday mornings (10.30-12.00) in Woodthorpe Library. Dates after Easter are: 30 April, 21 May, 11 and 25 June, 16 July.

Group leader: William Ruff
Phone: 0115 926 4645

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