Charles Dickens appreciation

Our group has been meeting for several years. During that time members have read and enjoyed a number of the most popular Charles Dickens novels.

We have also made a study of Charles Dickens’ life and been fascinated to discover that, although he was a genius, writing some of the most popular novels in the English language, he had what he described as an unhappy and troubled childhood, and had a darker side to his character. New members of the group will receive a copy of biographical notes summarising his life. These notes are adapted from Claire Tomalin’s excellent biography Dickens: A Life.

Our meetings are informal and based around readings and discussion. We spend time studying those aspects of Victorian life and culture which Dickens both loved and despised. Our reverence for the great man does not stop the braver souls in our group from examining some of the more controversial (certainly in Victorian society) aspects of his life and those influences on his life which were to make such a powerful contribution to his work.

Group leader: Barry Davies
Administration: Mary Hill

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