The languages group is vibrant and very popular. We have approximately one quarter of the membership involved one way or another. We are particularly keen to attract new members to Arnold U3A who would be prepared to lead or convene a language group. At present we have members keen to study Spanish and Italian so do come and join us to lead these groups.

We cater for the wishes of the membership, so there are a variety of activities:

Beginners’ groups
As the name suggests, these are for people who have no, or only very low level, previous language. As soon as enough people request another language we put on a group.

Tutor-taught Spanish is running at present. These are weekly classes taught to a small group in the house of one of the members. Costs are approximately £15 for five weeks.

Alternatively, Latin and another Spanish group take the form of self-help groups using an online or text-based course.

German, French, Italian and Welsh are taught by U3A members. Aren’t we lucky to have their offer of help?

It is not possible to join a group that is up and running unless you have some skill in the language, as it would affect the rest of the group.

Intermediate or Improver groups
These are for those who have reached a higher proficiency in the language and, again, can take the form of tutor-led or self-help learning. At present there are intermediate/improver German, French and Spanish groups.

Discussion groups
These are for people who are able to hold some form of discussion in a foreign language. They are run on a self-help basis in the house of one of the members. Again, as soon as there are enough members interested to make a viable group we put one on. At present French, intermediate and advanced, and Spanish discussion groups take place.

Languages group coordinator: Rosie Allen
Phone: 0115 967 9959

To learn more, you’ll have to login to the members’ area and navigate via the ‘Interest groups’ tab.

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