Historical architecture 1

No more members can be taken for this group as it is too well advanced for newcomers to join. However, I am offering, subject to numbers, a new course “Historical Architecture” (a short course of 12 meetings with slideshows and talks each meeting). This will commence in October 2015 if it runs.

The meetings of this established group are mainly structured around a series of illustrated talks by the group leader, although there is the occasional field trip. The historical period covered is pre-Roman to the present day. The focus is on the social, political and ecclesiastical influences on buildings, as well as the search for new types of buildings. Handouts are given where it is practical to do so.

There is a small attendance fee on a pay-as-you-go, meeting-by-meeting basis. The amount depends on attendance. A small additional charge is levied amounting to a few pence each for page of hand-out material I give from time to time.

It is expected that you will commit yourself to a reasonably regular attendance, otherwise it puts payment pressure on other members.

Group leader: Freddie Davies
Phones: 0115 985 6979 and 07799 890300
Email: fjd8@btinternet.com

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