Geology for the curious 2

No more members can be taken for this group as it is too well advanced for newcomers to join. However, I am offering, subject to numbers, a new course “Geology – The history of our planet” (a short course of 10 meetings with slideshows and talks each meeting). I do not yet know day, venue or cost, since it will depend on enrolment. This will commence in October 2015 if it runs.

Also, subject to numbers enrolling, I will offer a follow-up to the above, commencing in February 2016, another short geology course, “The Earth`s Crust – How we survive on it and use it” over 10 meetings with slideshows and talks.

The established group meets from 1.45 to 3.45pm on every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Robin Hood and Little John pub, 1 Church Street, Arnold, NG5 8FD.

This group deals with the subject of geology in a straightforward but comprehensive manner. It involves the story of planet Earth from its formation 4.6 billion years ago through to the present, with forecasts for the future. Topics include:

  • earth’s development, formation of the crust, movement of the continents, earthquakes, volcanoes, weather patterns, rock formation, mountain-building, the rock cycle, minerals, rocks, identification and uses of minerals and rocks, fracking, sink-holes and geology across the UK, with an emphasis on Nottinghamshire geology.

Topics are covered chronologically, with the chemical science aspects kept to a reasonable minimum. It really is geology for the ‘curious’ lay person and is not intended to be of degree standard. However, it is not possible to deliver the information without a certain amount of academic input – such is the nature of the subject.

Handouts are provided, dealing with the main topics in overview terms, and there is a recommended book on UK geology which we will be working through together. The idea is to satisfy the general interest in the subject but in as simply informative and light-hearted manner as the subject will allow. No homework is set! NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF THE SUBJECT IS NEEDED.

Every session the group leader gives a talk, fully illustrated by projector display. During lighter evenings and with more clement weather, day field trips will be organised – for example, to the British Geology Survey HQ near Nottingham and to geological sites of interest. Eventually, members will be able to make contributions by presenting rock samples collected on their travels and the discussions that will arise therefrom.

Above all else, the objective is to learn about geology in a fun, interesting and absorbing way and to realise that geology is all around us and really does play an important and essential role in our every day lives, whether we realise it or not. Additionally, we live on this planet – it is our home (like it or not) and it’s good to know something about the history and structure of the almost spherical vehicle that is taking us through space at 25,000 miles an hour and spins us round another 25,000 miles every twenty-four hours

There is a small attendance fee on a pay-as-you-go, meeting-by-meeting basis. It varies, depending on the numbers present at any meeting. A small additional charge is levied, amounting to a few pence each for hand-out material I give from time to time.

It is expected that members will commit themselves to a good regular attendance because otherwise it puts additional costs on other members of the group.

Group leader: Freddie Davies
Phones: 0115 985 6979 and 07799 890300

To learn more, you’ll need to login to the members’ area.

To learn more, you’ll need to login to the members’ area.

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