Dance exercise


This group is for members of any age and with widely varying physical abilities. The aim of each session is to have an enjoyable time. The group meets at Arnold Methodist Church on the first Monday of each month for a 30-minute session incorporating exercise with dance. It’s not necessary to be a competent dancer or to be fully fit – complete beginners are welcome. Feel free to contact the group leader if you have any worries about your ability to cope.

It’s OK just to turn up. Please wear suitable clothes. If you haven’t got proper shoes, the leader may be able to sell you some. There is a modest charge for each session, to cover costs.

Dance exercise sessions are followed, after a 30-minute break, by classes in tap-dancing. For further information on the tap-dancing group, click here. Members can attend either or both groups.

Group leader: Lorraine Tunaley
Phones: 0115 920 3558 and 07816 209839

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